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      Dr. ZeVida A. Holman

All About Me...

Hello, hello, hello...


I am Dr. ZeVida A. Holman. My students call me DocZ. I am a life-long resident of Memphis, TN, but currently reside in Xiamen, China.


My writing career emerged after I completed my dissertation in December 2014 and decided to transform my research on First-Generation African American College Students into my first self-published book - So You Call Yourself A Counselor? High School Counselors' Impact on First-Generation African American College Students' Post-Secondary Aspirations.


I earned my doctorate in counseling education from The University of Memphis as well as an education specialist degree in school counseling. I am the Secondary Counselor at Xiamen International School, a Licensed Professional School Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and a Life Coach with over 10 years of experience as a counselor educator and consultant.


My son and daughter often joke with me about being the "smartest person" they know. I can't help that I love learning!


5 Fun Facts About Me


     1.   I played in the orchestra from the fifth grade to my senior year in high school.

          My instrument of choice was the violin.


     2.   In 1989, I made an album...well not really. The TN Allstate Orchestra made an album,

          but my name is listed on the back cover as 2nd violinist-first chair.


     3.   If you look closely at both sides of my pinky fingers, you will notice that I was born

          with a fifth finger on each hand. Luckily, my mom had them tied off when I was born to

prevent them from growing.


     4.   I played point guard on my junior high school basketball team.  I wasn't the best

          player, but I won "most improved" and received the largest trophy on the team.


     5.   I worked for the Federal Correctional Institute in Memphis, TN as an Accountant.

          However, since we were considered officers first, I had to "shake-down" inmates for

          contraband and assist with the perimeter watch of the facility with a loaded shotgun.

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