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Achiever Package

High quality full-color coloring books, activities books or illustrated story books


*  Author receives 100% of PROFITS

*  Author maintains 100% RIGHTS

*  Author maintains ALL COPYRIGHTS

*  Non-Exclusive Contract

*  1-on-1 Author Support

*  ISBN Assignment

*  EAN-13 Barcode



*  Author can provide input into design

*  Up to one (1) hour in phone consultation

*  Two (2) front full-color concepts

*  One (1) back full-color concept

*  Author may contribute to choosing potential images

*  One (1) spine concept and design

*  Customizeable Professional Templates

*  Custom Cover Design

*  Back Cover/Summary Edit


*  One (1) interior design concept with sample layout

*  Drop cap on chapter page

*  Designer-provided graphic element on each chapter page

*  Author can select font from eight font choices

*  Complementary font for headers/footers

*  Headers customized to match chapter titles

*  Up to three (3) formatting levels of subheads

*  Up to five (5) formatting levels of subheads

*  Image Insertion

*  Formatting and typesetting word count up to 60,000

*  Manuscript Editing

*  Manuscript Proofreading

*  Custom built charts, graphics or illustrations are

    available through our custom services

*  Electronic Proof

*  Physical Proof

*  Softcover Format


*  Private ISBN & Price-Embedded Barcode

*  Guidance with copyright registration

*  Up to one (1) hour in phone consultation


*  Full-color laminate covers (gloss finish)

*  Full-color laminate covers (matte finish)

*  Black ink interior

*  Book trim 5.5″x8″ or 6″x9″ or 8.5"x11"

*  High-quality paper stocks, créme or white are standard

*  One final proof book including shipping

*  Copies of final printed books, includes shipping

*  Collected working files and print-ready files emailed to



*  E-Book Creation

*  E-Book Distribution: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more

*  Print-on-Demand Distribution: Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

    and more w/Returns

*  Amazon Look Inside

*  5 Keywords

*  Books-in-Print listing*

*  Blog article on EBPH if desired

*  Author Page on EBPH website

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